Types of clinics

Multidisciplinary clinics

These are the main CF clinics - you will normally see a nurse, a doctor, a dietitian and a physiotherapist.

When Where
Monday 1.30-5pm BRI A407
Tuesday 9-12.30pm BRI A221
Thursday 1.30-5pm BRI A221

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Clinic

When Where
Four times a year, all day Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Surgical Outpatients

CF Diabetes clinic

When Where
Last Thursday afternoon of the month BRI A221

We try to see all patients with CF diabetes at least once a year in a CF diabetes clinic run by Dr Rami Fikri, Consultant Diabetologist. You will also see the rest of the MDT as usual.

Inhaled therapy clinics

When Where
Friday mornings BRI A221

This specialist clinic, run by the physio team, is for trials of new inhaled therapies (e.g. an inhaled antibiotic, or a mucolytic such as mannitol).

Drop-in attendances ("ad hoc reviews")

Sometimes we will see you outside the main clinic times, for example if you become unwell suddenly or you need a review starting, mid-point or stopping courses of antibiotics. Typically you will only need to see one or two staff remembers.

How often do we want to see you?

This varies a lot! We normally see people every 2 or 3 months, but some might need to be seen more frequently and for a very few it's appropriate to be seen every 6-12 months.

Can't you just Skype me?

We're trying sort this actually! Skype doesn't work very well for our purposes, but we are setting up a system which will allow us to have very high quality video consultations with you at home on your laptop, PC or mobile - watch this space!

Why is clinic important? (I'm in hospital all the time, can't you just see me then?

We need to get to know you, and see you when you're well as when you're not.

How should I get ready for clinic?

Here are a few tips:

What will happen in clinic?

If you can't make it to clinic

Call us on 01173427757 - we might be able to use your appointment for someone else