Multidisciplinary clinics

These are the main CF clinics – you will normally see a nurse, a doctor, a dietitian and a physiotherapist.

Monday 1.30-5pmBRI A407
Tuesday 9am-12.30pmBRI A221
Thursday 1.30-5pmBRI A221

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Four times a year, there is an all-day multidisciplinary clinic in Surgical Outpatients in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Find out about more care available in Gloucestershire here.

CF Diabetes Clinic

CF diabetes clinics are normally held on the last Thursday of the month at 1.30pm. You will see Dr Rami Fikri, Consultant Diabetologist, in addition to your usual CF team. We try to see every patient with CF diabetes at least once a year in this clinic.

Inhaled therapy clinic

This specialist clinic, run by the physio team, is for trials of new inhaled therapies (e.g. an inhaled antibiotic, or a mucolytic such as mannitol). It takes place on Friday mornings.

Drop in attendances

Sometimes we will see you outside the main clinic times, for example if you become unwell suddenly or you need a review starting, mid-point or stopping courses of antibiotics. Typically you will only need to see one (or occasionally two) staff members.

How often do we want to see you?

This varies a lot! We normally see people every 2 or 3 months, but some might need to be seen more frequently and for a very few it’s appropriate to be seen every 6-12 months.

Why can’t you just Skype me?

We’re trying this out and might offer to trial this with you. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or tablet; it’s completely secure.

Why is clinic important? (I’m in hospital all the time, can’t you just see me then?

We need to get to know you, and see you when you’re well, as when you’re not:

  • Consider whether your medication or physio regime should be changed
  • Monitor your weight and lung function
  • Monitor blood tests
  • Submit your sputum sample
  • We need to get to know you, especially when you are new to the team – and let you get to know us. We’re going to spend a long time together!
  • Discuss how you are fitting your treatments into your life
  • Make sure you don’t need a course of antibiotics
  • Allow you to pick up your medication – let us know 72 hours before clinic and we can drop off a prescription to Boots for you, ready for you to pick up when you come to clinic!

How should I get ready for clinic?

Here are some tips:

  • Write down anything you really need to discuss so you don’t forget
  • Bring a list of questions you might have for the team
  • If you can’t make your clinic appointment, or think you’re going to be late call us – we might be able to use your appointment for someone else
  • If you need to pick up some medication from pharmacy, let us know (e.g. via email) at least two working days ahead to give us a chance to write the script and hand it in to BRI pharmacy, so you can pick it up when you come to clinic)
  • If you like bring us a fresh sputum sample – but only if you have a proper sputum pot to bring it in (see our leaflet about how to collect a sputum sample)

What will happen in clinic?

  • You’ll be allocated a single clinic room – and you’ll have all your tests and assessments in the room
  • With your consent, we’ll take a photo of you if we don’t already have one – this helps the team get to know you more quickly! If you’d rather provide your own photo, or don’t want a photo taken at all, that’s fine – just let us know
  • You’ll have “obs” (pulse, blood pressure, oxygen sats) done, normally by a nurse
  • You’ll have your spirometry checked
  • You’ll be asked to provide a sputum sample or cough swab (make sure you have a pot handy when you do your spirometry test as this often makes people cough sputum up)
  • You’ll see one or more of: doctor, nurse, physio, dietitian, pharmacist, psychologist
  • There might be a bit of waiting around. We know it is frustrating waiting in a room on your own – we really do try to keep this to a minimum but rotating 4-6 staff members around 8-12 patients is tricky!
  • There is guest wifi every where in the BRI (look for “UHB Guest”) – bring a phone or tablet (or maybe just a book) to keep yourself occupied.

If you can’t make it to clinic

Call us on 01173427757 – we might be able to use your appointment for someone else

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