We have five doctors, two nurses and a pharmacist who prescribe carefully to optimise your treatments and ensure that you can always get hold of your medicines when you need them.

Regular medicines

Your GP is responsible for supplying prescriptions for your regular medicines that you can get dispensed at a community pharmacy. This includes your preventer and reliever inhalers, all tablets (except those mentioned below), creams and ointments, vitamins and insulin. It is important that you discuss these therapies with your GP and arrange repeat prescriptions with them before running out. Your GP will be informed by letter after your clinic visit if we suggest any changes to these medicines.

Specialist medicines

There are some specialist medicines that can only be provided by us and are not available from your GP. These include:

  • All inhaled antibiotics (both nebulised and dry powder inhalers)
  • Inhaled DNase and mannitol
  • Intravenous antibiotics
  • Genetic therapies e.g. ivacaftor (Kalydeco™), Orkambi™ and Symkevi™️
  • Insulin degludec (Tresiba™)
  • Antifungals

We are also able to prescribe emergency items e.g. courses of steroids or oral antibiotics which you require immediately, or new inhalers.

Most patients choose to pick up these medicines from Boots Outpatient Pharmacy at the BRI when they come to clinic. Some, who live far away from the hospital, may be eligible for our home delivery service provided by Lloyds Pharmacy Homecare. Ask the team about the most convenient way for you to get your medicines.

Specialist advice

We regularly give advice on the best way to take your medicines, answer questions on side effects and discuss new and emerging treatments. We provide up to date information to help you make informed choices about different treatment options.

We also provide advice on travelling abroad with your medicines and how to manage your medicines when you are away from home, for example at university.

If you choose to try any herbal or complimentary therapies please let us know – we can give you advice on how these may affect your prescribed medicines.

Your medicines in hospital

If you come in to hospital it is important that you bring all of your medicines with you. You are encouraged to manage your own medicines when in hospital and the doctors and nurses will tell you about any changes so that you can amend your routine. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will visit each day to review your medicines with you and ensure that you have enough of everything to keep you going. When you go home we will make sure that you have at least 2 weeks’ worth of all of your medicines and that your GP is told about any changes.

Picking up prescriptions in clinic

Contact us at least 72 hours before clinic and we can hand in a prescription for your medications to Boots, ready for you to pick up when you come to clinic.

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