Video Clinics

We've got hold of a Cisco DX80 videoconferencing monitor, with UHBristol's Cisco Expressway system will allow us to try out video-consultations.

How it (might) work

  • We send you a text message (or an email) with a unique link
  • When you click on the link (on your Android phone, iPhone, PC or laptop) a video app starts which sets up the call to the BRI
  • You can see and hear us, and we can see and hear you
  • We can show you pictures/graphs over the link

This won't replace clinics but in some circumstances it might save you a trip to the BRI. Although there is a lot of talk about using "Skype" etc for patient care there's not a lot of practical experience of this across the UK - we hope that the kit we have might allow us to find new and more convenient ways of working.

We'll keep you posted.