Team Communication

BACFC is a mid-sized adult CF service but if you’re coming from a paediatric CF service you might wonder how we all keep to date with what’s going on. Don’t worry, although there are 25 of us we work very closely together.

At the centre of our service is CFdb, the CF clinical database, which records all encounters, drugs, spirometry, emails, phone calls and other test results. Team members can immediately catch up with all aspects of your care.

We email a lot internally and are using the Trust’s new Careflow app to message each other securely within the hospital.

We spend a lot of time together through the week. An average week might look like this:



The team meets to catch up on what happened to people who have been in hospital over the weekend (“In-Patients”) over the weekend, to prepare for the day’s work.


The Consultant ward round begins – all the in-patients are seen one one by one in their rooms. Either Dr Bateman or Dr Bell are on “service” for the week, responsible for care. Normally there is one member from each group of staff on the ward round – so there might be two doctors, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a dietitian and a pharmacist. They will all come into the patient’s room with the Consultant so everyone keeps in touch and issues can be discussed. If you don’t want everyone to be in the room at once – let us know!

The ward round goes on as long as it needs to – we normally have 5-15 in-patients in the hospital. Most of them are on ward A900, but some with different infection are on other wards.


Team meeting – alternating business meeting or an educational update. Lots of opportunity to discuss patient issues too.


Multidisciplinary CF clinic on A407.



Multidisciplinary CF clinic on A221. Doctors see all in patients after clinic and other professionals review through the day.



Whole team gets together to discuss current in-patients, everyone on home IVs, everyone who is a concern and everyone who has been reviewed in clinic through the week. This ensures that the whole team knows what’s going on. So, whichever team member you see you can guarantee that everyone will be up to date.



Microbiology meeting

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